DZloggy is a powerful, modern web based DayZ server log processor, viewer and archiver. Stay up to date and be informed about your servers players, loot, events and performance in an easy to use web panel.


RPT files

Details about your servers loot spawning, de-spawning, static events, memory usage, FPS and more.

ADM files

Logs information about all player kills, hits, positions, placements, connects and disconnects.


Download or view up to 2 months old (or 40GB) RPT or ADM logs that are archived.

CE Loot

Get an understanding of your servers loot economy, see what items have spawned in and where.

Static events

View spawned static events with their loot such as heli crashes and crashed convoys.


DZloggy comes with light and dark mode, in a smooth and easy to navigate modern web panel.

DZloggy panel dark and light mode

DZloggy panel dark and light mode

Value with straight forward pricing

DZloggy is priced to be affordable whilst providing value for server owners.

DZloggy Premium

Limited 1 week free trial

$12 /month
  • 2 instances
  • 2 months backup OR 40GB storage
  • Email notifications
  • API access
  • RPT parser
  • ADM parser
  • Unlimited log file downloads
Get started

Easy to setup

Getting DZloggy connected is simple. All you need is FTP read access to your DayZ server logs folder.

DZloggy server setup

Manage multiple servers

Using DZloggy for multiple servers is a hassle-free and uncomplicated experience.

DZloggy multiple servers

Understand the CE loot

DZloggy can help you understand the Loot Central Economy and how loot is spawning on your servers and where.